Pastor (Mrs.) Moronke Sarat Adelegan

Bode Lawal and Mumin Adekunle

It is often said that the rewards of teachers are in heaven. But that seems to have changed over the decades, as many teachers now obtain their recompense right here on earth while awaiting the heavenly ones.

Really, teachers deserve to enjoy the goodness of both the earth and heaven to the fullest. Teachers hold the key to the future since they help to mould future leaders. They don’t just teach, they nurture the young ones to mature, to understand the world and to understand themselves.

In the words of famous rabbi and scholar of Judaism, Jonathan Sacks, “when teachers open our eyes to the world. They give us curiosity and confidence. They teach us to ask questions. They connect us to our past and future.
They are the guardians of our social heritage…Life without a teacher is simply not a life”.

In a world that is daily confronted with swift social changes, sometimes inexplicable crisis and bizarre natural occurrences, teachers remain the most constant bastion of hope.

It is this wise that one would want to submit that Pastor (Mrs.) Moronke Sarat Adelegan, an astute teacher, who began her Public Service career at the Lagos State Post Primary Teaching Service Commission as Education Officer II on Grade Level 08 in 1985, deserves to be widely celebrated as she gracefully bows out of the Lagos State Public Service today.

Her teaching career has been quite eventful in many perspectives. One, she has impacted on many students who are today nation builders in their own right. Second, she left behind a legacy of hardwork, selflessness and dedication. Third, she left behind an impeccable record.

In the course of her teaching career, she was privileged to work in several schools, thus garnering immense experience. Between, 7th January, 1985 and 5th November, 1989, she was at Baptist Academy, Obanikoro where she served as Biology Teacher.

She also served at Keme Balogun College from 6th November, 1989 to 7th December, 1994 where she was a Subject Teacher as well as Vice Principal).

From 7th December 1994 to 10th January, 1995, she was at the Lagos State Civil Service Model College as Vice Principal while she equally served at Government College, Ikorodu between 10th January, 1995 and 30th December, 2002 as Vice Principal in charge of Academic.

Similarly, she worked at Majidun Junior Grammar School where she was the Pioneer Principal from 30th December, 2002 to 7th January, 2010. Her service career equally took her to Lagos State Civil Service Junior Model College, Igbogbo between 8th January, 2010 and 7th January, 2020 where she served as Director of Education and Principal.

In the course of her career, she attended many local and international courses such as Library Management, 2005 (Lagos State Library Board), Change Management Workshop, 2006 (ASCON), Performance Improvement ,2010 (SUBEB), Proposal and Report Writing, 2011 (EKO PROJECT), Advanced Leadership Course for School Leaders,    2012 (EKO PROJECT), Advance Leadership Practicum for Principals (Pearson U.K), 2013, Teacher Mentoring Programme, (Pearson/Eko Project) 2013, Revolutionizing the Teaching Profession by African Confederation of Principal – (ACP) Kenya 2018, among others.

Through her passion for the job, dedication to duty and divine grace, she received several recognition awards such as Governors Education Award of Excellence for four consecutive years 2010 to 2013,  Best Principal Junior School Category in Education District II (2014), Best Junior School in Education District II (2015), Best Principal Junior School category in Lagos State (2016), Best Principal Junior Category Education District II (2016) and First Runner Up in Presidential Teachers’ Award (School Administrator Category) in 2017.

A kind hearted and compassionate woman, Mrs. Morenike cares so much for her students just like her own children. No wonder she chose the path to greatness in enriching children with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. She also serves as a source of motivation to students as well as teachers who look up to her as a role model for advice and counselling. She is always willing to provide a shoulder for others to lean on.

She was the Treasurer, All Nigeria Confederation of Principals Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) Ikorodu zone (2003 – 2010) and Chairman, Forum of Boarding School Principals (2016 – December 2019).

She is a member of professional bodies such as the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) and ANCOPSS.





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